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Monoprice Home Theater Starter Kit Including Disney WOW: World of Wonder Calibration BluRay Single Disc

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Product code: KIT-9498

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The Monoprice/Disney World of Wonder Bundle is a special package designed to help you get the best possible picture and sound from your home theater system!

The Monoprice/Disney World of Wonder includes the following items:

  • 1x Disney World of Wonder blu-ray disc
  • 2x Monoprice 6 foot Metallic Series High Speed HDMI Cables With Ethernet
  • 1x Monoprice 200 ml bottle of LCD screen cleaning fluid
  • 1x Monoprice 30x30 cm microfiber cleaning cloth


The Disney WOW World of Wonder Disc is a definitive "how to" guide for in-home High Definition (HD) optimization of home entertainment systems. The easy to follow on-screen guide is designed to help you get the best quality experience from your home theater systems using high-quality tools designed for use by beginners and experts alike. The disc includes both Quick & Easy and Advanced Calibration procedures, plus a full set of Expert Tools designed for use by Home Theater Installation Professionals.

The Quick & Easy Calibration procedure helps you calibrate the following elements of your systems audio and video output:

Quick & Easy Calibration
BrightnessSpeaker ID
ContrastPolarity Test
Aspect RatioNoise Floor
ColorBuzz & Rattle Test
Viewing Angle 

The Advanced Calibration procedure provides more in depth testing and calibration tools, covering every aspect of your audio and video output:

Advanced Calibration
Advanced BrightnessPurity TestSpeaker ID
Advanced ContrastScaling TestPolarity Test
Aspect RatioAdvanced Scaling 1Noise Floor
ConvergenceAdvanced Scaling 2Buzz & Rattle Test
Chroma & HueSharpness / FocusA/V Sync Test
Sharpness / FocusHyperbolic Zone PlateSpeaker Level Adjustment*
Overscan TestWhite-Black ClippingSubwoofer Level Adjustment*
A/V Sync TestViewing Angle Test 
 Gamma Response 
 Compound Test Chart 

* A Sound Pressure Level meter is required for these tests.

Additionally, the disc contains an HD Shootout, which provides you the opportunity to make direct comparisons of HD and SD video, as well as stereo and surround soundtracks. The disc also includes a pixel flipper, which can help locate and possibly fix stuck pixels in hour flat-panel display.

World of Wonder Specifications:

  • WOW Disc Video: 1080p HD / (1.78:1), (2.35:1), (2.39:1); 1080i HD / (1.78:1)
  • WOW Disc Audio: English 2.0, 5.1, and 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio (48 kHz/24-bit, 96 kHz/24-bit); English 2.0 DTS Digital Surround (48 kHz/24-bit)


Hit the lights and enjoy an unsurpassable home theater experience with these new "Metallic" Series of High Speed HDMI Cables With Ethernet from Monoprice!

These High Speed HDMI Cables include all the quality and performance you've come to expect from Monoprice cables in a stylish, low-profile form factor. The connector heads measure only 13/16" wide, 3/8" thick, and 1 7/16" long. The zinc alloy connector heads provide resistance to electromagnetic interference, obviating the need for bulky ferrite cores.

The cable uses 28 AWG conductors and is CL2 rated, which means that cable has been designed to comply with fire safety codes and insurance requirements, making it safe for use inside the walls of residential class buildings.

TIP: It is a good idea to test cables and connections before installing them inside a wall. If there are any issues or problems, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time, effort, and expense of installing them inside the walls.

This cable supports the following HDMI features:

  • 1080p Resolution - The High Speed HDMI Cable has sufficient bandwidth to transfer 1080p video signals between 1080p rated source and sink (display) devices.
  • Audio Return Channel - Normally, your HDMI cable carries audio information along with the video from a source device (e.g. blu-ray player) to the sink device (display/television). Often times this goes through an AV receiver to drive a home theater audio system. The Audio Return Channel is primarily used to send the audio signal generated by the television when its internal tuner is used, back to the AV receiver, so that you can use your home theater audio system when watching television signals.
  • 3D - 3D is the latest rage for both home theater and gaming. A High Speed HDMI Cable is capable of handling the high bandwidth requirements of 3D signals.
  • HDMI Ethernet Channel - The HDMI Ethernet Channel provides 100 Mbps, full-duplex Ethernet traffic along the HDMI cable, allowing a wired or wireless Ethernet connection on one device to be propagated to other devices. Note that for this feature to be functional, all pieces of equipment between the Ethernet source and the destination must support the HDMI Ethernet Channel feature.
  • 4K - The 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels @ 24 Hz, which is four times that of a 1080p display and the same resolution used by state-of-the-art Digital Cinema systems. A High Speed HDMI Cable is capable of handling the high bandwidth required for 4K support.
  • Deep Color - The Deep Color feature provides a minimum of 8-bits per color element (24-bits total), providing for a total of over 16 million color variations. Other versions of Deep Color allow for up to 16-bits per element, for a total of 48-bits and over 281 trillion color variations, which really makes your video images come to life!
  • x.v.Color - x.v.Color is a promotion name given to the products that have the capability to realize a wide color space based on the xvYCC specifications and is a trademark of Sony Corporation. Currently, only AVCHD and Playstation 3 devices support x.v.Color.
  • High Definition Audio - HDMI supports a full range of high definition audio types, including SA-CD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby TrueHD.


  • Formulated for use with LCD screen
  • 200 mL non-drop cleaning fluid
  • Alcohol-free solution
  • Includes 30 x 30 cm microfiber cloth

Support Files:

HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

x.v.Color is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

AVCHD and AVCHD logo are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and Sony Corporation.

PlayStation and PlayStation 3 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

DTS is a registered trademark and the DTS logos, Symbol, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio are trademarks of DTS, Inc.

Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

Disney and World Of Wonder are registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company.

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